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“As if any drill could have truly prepared the Daydream and the people who lived aboard it for what was now happening. As if a human race that gave up war when it gave up raping its home planet and set out to space had been prepared for this since the first time it happened." Jeff Donegan returns as Terraforming Engineer aboard the Daydream on a mission to transform the barren planet of Alizaryne into a welcoming new home for humanity. The hopes and aspirations of the human species rests on the dream of once again breathing fresh air and treading lush green earth. But his plans are brutally interrupted when a despised and feared enemy engages the ship. The Colonial Defense must now fend off the aggressors in a battle that humans have never been able to win. "They seem to be friendly. They said they came to help, and that’s what they’ve done." But an incredible turn of events leads Jeff to discover an unexpected new ally in the war against the age-old enemy of the human race. This newly formed companionship between man and The Breeds reminds Jeff of a strong friendship he once had and tragically lost. But could this alliance even be real? Now it’s up to Jeff to strengthen his bond and train himself in the superior ways of The Breeds to bring the war to the enemy. With the allies on his side he might now stand a fighting chance, but with the enemy closing in fast Jeff must bring his alliance to victory or the lives of every man, woman and beast who fled earth and survived in space will pay for his failure. From fan favorite author Simon M. Sinclair comes the first book in the new Star Dogs science fiction space adventure series. Bringing a new twist to war and companionship, and our bond with man’s best friend. If you love heroes, ships, space sagas and dogs you will want to join Jeff as Humans and Breeds team up to battle the Alien enemy. The survival of your species now hangs in the balance!
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