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DISCOVER WHAT EVERY MAN WHO WORKS OUT NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT STRENGTH TRAINING AND MUSCLE BUILDING. In a world that seems to be trending towards the extremes, it is always better to end up on the positive side of the spectrum. This means bigger, higher, and yes, stronger, are always better. It’s no secret that building muscle and increasing strength have a significant impact on how your body looks and feels. Strength is always something to aspire to. And of course, a sculpted physique is always an asset, but more than the toned body and the bragging rights that come with it, having gains in strength will help you in so many more ways in your daily life. Imagine having the stamina to play with your kids, running up the stairs without getting out of breath, lifting all your bags of groceries at the same time instead of making several trips to the car, and much more. The benefits are endless, and it is possible for you to gain all of these! This book has you covered… All the answers and all the information you need to help you maximize your strength gains are here. Book 3 of the Muscle Building Series will teach you: What you need to do to reach your potential strength and muscle mass gains Which exercises will best help you achieve your goals The best strength training programs for new and intermediate lifters The ultimate workouts to improve your chest, back, shoulders and legs How to build muscle and improve strength with bodyweight training How to plan your diet and exercise program to gain the most benefit And so much more! So what are you waiting for? If you want to know the right lifts and best strength training programs to follow… And are truly serious about building lean muscle and are prepared to make the commitment - then I think you should read this book. The time to start is NOW!
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