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If your child has shown any form of speech impediment, you should address it immediately. Speech is a very critical part of development as a human being, if a speech disorder is not addressed in the early ages it can carry over into adulthood, possibly resulting in your child going through life with a lack of confidence and insecurity.  The key factor that will determine whether or not that child grows up with that speech disorder is the amount of focused practice the child can get during childhood. This book can be the first step on the path to significant improvement. This book will service as a practical and useful tool for anyone who has kids or works with kids, whether they have a speech disorder or not. This Book Will Teach You: What is speech therapy? What are the causes of speech disorders? Does my child need speech therapy? How can I help my child at home if they are taking speech therapy? What type of activities I can do with my child who may need speech therapy? Exercises for Toddlers Exercises for Young Kids
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