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* Dive into the epic conclusion of the struggle between science and magic. * The world-ender has returned… And this time, he takes the face of a friend. As an ancient darkness rears its ugly head, Justin comes face-to-face with his biggest challenge yet. Sucked into a desperate race to find a lost artifact, Justin will need to summon all of his allies and powers to prevent this new evil from completing its horrifying mission and bringing unrivalled destruction to everything that stands in its way. But the closer Justin gets to his goal, the more secrets are brought to the light. What he finds will lead him to question everything he thought about the realms… and himself. The tale of destiny begins to unravel. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Are Justin’s powers strong enough to turn the tide? And hiding in the shadows, an assassin bent on destruction tracks him, waiting for the perfect moment to strike…
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