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Do you struggle with Self-Esteem? Or low Self-Confidence? Do you want immediate Self-Worth? Do you want the ultimate guide on building a better self? During times of uncertainty we often end up becoming unstable, our beliefs are questioned and this impacts our abilities.  Without the right knowledge, this negative loop can be difficult to break. Author Julia Meadows is a British behavior psychologist and coach. In this book, she teaches us practical in-depth knowledge how to build ourselves up.  Imagine a better future where you are complete, successful and happy. By reading this book you will: Build unshakeable confidence Discover a better self-image Generate deep understanding of the self Reward yourself with Self-Love & Self Care Stay Success focused Get achievements quicker Chapters in this book cover: Discovering Self-Belief Identifying Obstacles Creating Happiness Transformational Thought Processes 10 simple steps to achieving your goals Plus much more! Want to achieve more from Life? Yourself? Work? Business? Finances? To remove self-criticism, and rebuild yourself with self-worth get this book now. Scroll up and add to Cart now! Lets build a better self now!
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