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A post-apocalyptic, dystopian fantasy story. Salazar, a descendent of Serena McKay, seems to be the only one who understands that his city, August City, faces apocalyptic annihilation while its wealthiest citizens are spirited away and to safety by spaceships. Is there any hope? • The wealthiest residents have fled. • An unprecedented and unprovoked air raid shatters August City. • A biological toxin is released on Earth. Is there any safe place to hide? Fortunately, Salazar remembers the stories his grandmother told about a city beneath August City, possibly a safe place to weather an unparalleled attack. But, as he leads his mother to this proposed shelter, they are attacked by crazed residents who have inhaled toxic fumes that alter their personalities and turned common men into killers. Can Salazar and his mother find safety before these madmen kill them both? Is there a future worth fighting for? Note: Serena McKay Crime Novels, Purple Kitty (ASIN: B01EHUL2MI) and Blue Cadillac (ASIN: B07B9V8XQ5) also take place in August City. This is Serena's world and is set some sixty years in our future. August city, a very dark, and scary place is even worse after another sixty years have passed. Serena's grandson, Salazar, still lives in August City and is faced with the end of the world as he knows it! All books in this series are also available as sudibooks and can be found on Amazon and Audible. Can anyone survive? Scroll up to get your copy of this YA dystopian fantasy novel now!
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