Project Aurora by Daniel Pelfrey


The Central Intelligence Agency has a hidden hand in the tech world, controlling an intricate web of corporate entities carefully concealed from the public. All for their own nefarious ends - to gather intelligence, weaponize social media outlets, and craft the ultimate human agent.

Journalist James Lewis uncovered the truth that threatened to reveal the CABAL's activities and so they acted swiftly to silence him and his editor, Daphne Meyers before more knowledge could be spread. Lewis was killed by swift-moving cancer, but Daphne was taken to become the CABAL’s next experiment, PROJECT AURORA.

Through genetic manipulation and mental conditioning, they believed they could create the perfect spy.

The CABAL thought Meyers was their asset. They were wrong...

If you liked Robert Ludlow's Jason Bourne or Mark Dawson's Isabella Rose series, you would love PROJECT AURORA.

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