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Are you someone who struggles or used to struggle with Mathematics at school? Causing you to be totally averse to the subject? If you are, do you realize that certain aspects of Mathematics can be very useful for you to know in the real world? Whether you are retail employee or a budding entrepreneur, or really just someone looking to contribute to your place of work, you will surely encounter problems that require planning and analysis to address them. What you may not know is that, most of the time statistics, specifically probability and its concepts, will often give you an edge in identifying solutions and strategies to help you move forward with a great plan. And you’re in luck because in this book you will get to know what probability is and more importantly, how it can help you solve the problems you encounter in your business work and day-to-day life. Specifically this book will help you: How to summarize data Measure variability Learn the core concepts of probability Gain knowledge of probability distributions and their functions Realize the importance of probability rules in business Become adept at using probabilities in life and at work Identify the types of risk your business can face How to effectively manage risk using probability Understand how to use probability and statistics in business How to optimize your business and improve brand loyalty Learn how to improve your customer experience and predict customer behavior Understand the components of the business intelligence infrastructure Give your business an edge by learning more about probability and how it can help you. DO NOT DELAY! Grab a copy of this book today!
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