Date: 08/20/2023
Welcome to 101 Bawdy Jokes About Broccoli*, the best broccoli-only joke book in the world complete with jokes, anti-jokes, rhymes, puns, and silly stories all about and only about broccoli. (*And one about lettuce.)
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Help Me Talk To Anyone by Vaughn Carter

Date: 08/19/2023
Conquer the dread of social interactions and turn awkward silences into witty banter. Does the idea of approaching a stranger make your heart race and your palms slick with nervous sweat? Do you turn into...
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Home: Interstellar by Ray Strong

Date: 08/18/2023
"... a heroine you can root for …. a compelling read for space opera addicts. " --The BookLife Prize in Fiction.“combines strength and grace in a way that instantly wins the reader over to her...
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Date: 08/17/2023
"In "The ChatGPT Millionaire," Allen Ewing masterfully unveils the transformative power of ChatGPT, reshaping how readers perceive wealth generation in the digital age. By offering a definitive blueprint, Ewing provides strategies tailor-made for ambitious entrepreneurs,...
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Shivers Down My Spine by Kenni Silas

Date: 08/16/2023
Can You See Me? The Standish Family mansion stands steeped in a history of terrifying events that ensnare anyone who dares to associate with it. The mansion was the brainchild of Oliver Standish, who tragically...
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Ruthless Rival by K.C. Crowne

Date: 08/15/2023
Cold. Ruthless. Killer. I am King of the Nicolaevich Bratva. Respected and feared by all. I get what I want - and what I want most is Sandra Antonov. But the last thing I ever...
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Date: 08/15/2023
Are you a success-driven dad, juggling the demands of work, family, and life, with little time left to focus on your own well-being? Have you noticed the emergence of the dreaded "dad bod" and feel...
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Succeed in your Business Model by Ahmed Zakaria Mami

Date: 08/14/2023
This book represents a set of tools that facilitate the mechanical tapes of the enterprise to avoid losses and make profits. - These tools are essential to the successes of the business - They are...
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Rites of Passage by Douglas Robinson

Date: 08/14/2023
Thomas, exposed once to Majken's blood during her fight with John to save his life, is becoming vampyric. Soon the symptoms are so bad he is unable to deny he is changing. As his naïve...
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Ten Months in Wonderland by Terry Persun

Date: 08/14/2023
Airman Kevin Grayson, a happily married, nineteen-year-old family man, is deployed to an airbase in Udorn, Thailand in the fall of 1973. He is completely unprepared for two things that will change his life forever:...
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