Optimism Is A Choice by Alison Atkinson


The pandemic affects everyone, I know it is not easy to have lost someone dear to us, or our dream job, or our chance for education.  There is a need to take better care of our spirit and mental health.
And that is why I start writing this book.
Prolonged turmoil in family lives, social lives and financial stress will have long term damage to our mental health. But if we address these issues timely, we still have a chance to stop turning a season of mourning into a lifetime of grief.
I am lucky to be born as a millennial. So, like my peers, the society label me as such, and as usual, I rebel such labels as most millennials did.
Until, when I met my fiancé, and spent time in knowing his family, I get to understand more about the silent generations and the baby-boomers. Then, by comparison, I realize that the 'characteristics' of millennials, as described by the internet, are somewhat authentic.
In January 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic begins, I predicted this event would come to an end within several months, like most of the world's population did. These miscalculations did cost me a lot.  Borders between nations were closed, and my life was stuck here for two years, without any option and ability to move forward, and financial stress starts to become overwhelmed.
I never did imagine that one day I would become an author. It was the pandemic, this special situation that left me no choice but to pursuit a completely new career path, and thus, I chose to start writing books. The next question is, what topics to write?
Hence, I start writing about self help books. I think humanity as a whole has experienced something unique in our time of history, and such traumatic experience will take up several years even after the pandemic has past, to recover.
When I am writing this book, there is news that Pfizer is applying urgent approval for the Covid-19 pills, and the company has plans to overt the chemical formula of the drug for others to mass produce. That is a noble move. I hope this is it for the pandemic.
In any time and situation, being optimistic is the best choice. We cannot control the outside world; all we have control is ourselves. The danger and chaos are real. But being optimistic or pessimistic, is simply a choice that we have free will to make. This is what I learnt from my fiancé, during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
I hope this would help you to get through any tough situations.

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