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"It wasn't that bad. I wasn't hit or incested." Are you a forgotten trauma survivor? Could hidden wounds from early naCCT be causing problems today? Even if your parents meant well? Even if you were also physically abused?Here are down-to-earth naCCT survivor stories you can relate to; strategies for identifying, handling, and de-activating subtle People-Triggers and hard-to-recognize naCCT flashbacks; practical guidance and non-pathologizing support grounded in neurobiological trauma research; and a toolkit of empowering information, actionable exercises, checklists, and self-talk scripts.With no tangible trauma to point to, confusion is normal for adults who’ve been wounded by early naCCT; many even deny they’ve been traumatized.Realistically, when we’re little, subtle everyday disturbances in our lifeline relationships with mother, father, or other important caregivers can register on our bodies, minds, and spirits as threats to life itself. In a word, as “trauma.”Maybe you experienced:Traumatic absence of loving guidance, interest, or understanding,“No Hugs, No Cuddles” Trauma,Physically present, even over-involved, over-controlling, and intrusive, but psychologically unattuned and functionally absent (“helicopter”) parenting,Being used as a parent to your own parent, a trophy child, or a “stand-in spouse,”Gaslighting and reality twisting,Hidden hostilities, orEmotional, social, and/or psychological neglect.Complex PTSD from naCCT poses unique challenges because of its subtle, insidious nature. In fact, it’s so subtle and hidden that until now, it was a trauma without a name.The cumulative effect of these intangible early naCCTs can cause complex PTSD, leaving you as an adult to cope with:Physical problems,Mood disorders,Emotional dysregulation or “over-sensitivity,”Battered instincts,Unsatisfying relationships, and/orLack of fun, spontaneity, meaningful engagement, passion and purpose, depth and value, delight.A door to healing opens when you can say, “I know this is a symptom and I know what to about it right now.”In this cutting-edge book devoted to healing the hidden wounds from these early traumas, survivor and licensed psychotherapist Ricia Fleming will:reassure you that your troubles and stuckness make sense;validate that your challenges are mountains, not molehills; andguide you to replace frustration, confusion, and resignation with a new level of empowerment and self-cherishing that you can tap into 24/7.A life-changing book destined to become a classic, No Sticks or Stones, No Broken Bones; Healing cPTSD when the trauma wasn’t physical; It was naCCT: Non-physically assaultive, attachment-based Chronic Covert Trauma will help you take pride in how well you have managed so far.Then it will provide you with action steps for starting to feel better right away.Survivors of naCCT, you now have a book of your own.If you’ve been baffled by the sufferings caused by this silent trauma, use this book to honor yesterday’s naCCT and start healing today. When you show up for yourself and take loving, effective action, you can follow your bliss and realize your dreams.
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