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Do you want a higher Salary? Better love life? Solid Friendships? More money? Then YOU must master the essential life skill of negotiation! We all notice those that seamlessly sail through life. This book is going to educate you about one of the most critical life skills. We all have to bargain at some point; whether in the workplace, buying services, selling things, doing business, or even at home, strong bargaining skills will have a significant influence on our lives – both financially and emotionally. “Effective negotiators need to choose skills that are appropriate given the context, client and counterpart.”  Andrea Schneider, Professor of Law and Director, dispute Resolutions Program, Marquette University Law School. (2012) In this book you will master a variety of skills and techniques that will help you rise above everyday situations! This book is "down and dirty." It gives you complete strategies—including talking points—that work in reality, even though the competitive side might be violent, immoral, or more powerful. You will gain an action plan for your next negotiation. You're going to decide what to do and when. What you get from this Master Negotiation Skills book: Identify openings for negotiation where others have no room for discussion Explain the value of planning, dynamics and strategies Will help you understand the psychology, strategies and actions of the negotiating process Teach you how to execute successful win-win negotiations How to negotiate by phone, e-mail, and text messages How to decipher body language Listening to the secret nuances of conversation To deal with people from other cultures How to be an expert mediator Discover the truth even though the other side tries to mask it Negotiate effectively from a vulnerable position Overcome opposition and "sell" ideas using proven leverage tactics Negotiate ethically and establish trustful relationships—along with fantastic offers Recognize when the right move is to back away wining, and a lot, a lot more! Leon Lyons is master life coaching professional, with a street-smart edge and academic prowess he gets the balance right for straight talking, practical advice. Scroll up and add to cart now! Change your life.
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