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Mum, Dad can you hear me? by Despina Mavridou

An extraordinary, brilliant book to be read by every divorcing parent and young children facing divorce. An emotional and inspiring story about the divorce through the eyes of a child. Irene, is a 10-year-old girl whose parents are getting a divorce. In the midst of her confusion and helplessness, Irene turns to her diary to express her feelings and better process her parents’ divorce. With the help of her grandmother and her teddy bear she finds a way to make her parents listen to her. This book is for kids (8 to 12 years) and their parents. If someone is going through a divorce and has kids or wishes to understand a child's perspective during this period, this emotional story, will give them an insight into the minds of children, especially on how they feel, what they go through and what they need from their parents. The story will also help kids understand that they are not alone and that a new balance can be created following a divorce.
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