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From your Favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Faith Johnson. Comes this wonderful Winter Mail Order Bride Story... Diane Fryer knows her independent nature is preventing her from getting married, but still, she can’t bear the thought of settling for one of the dull men in Buffalo. But her family is getting worried about her, still unmarried at twenty-one, and so she comes up with a plan. She will place an advertisement in the Marriage Times, and find a husband out west. Surely someone on the frontier will provide more excitement than the familiar men in her city. Soon, Diane is on her way to become the wife of Bill Decker and mother to his two young boys. The boys, however, have been allowed to run wild without a mother, and are slow to accept Diane. But Diane won’t give up, and with time, she becomes part of the family. So when she finds out that Bill has been keeping a secret from her all along, she is devastated. Can she truly love a man who has not been honest—even if he did think it was for her own good?
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