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"Simple and uplifting and will encourage readers to discover the magic of hygge around them"--5 Stars, Readers' Favorite Quell your worries. Free your spirit. Start your life anew. If you’re tired of stressing the small things, perhaps it’s time to consider a big idea. The concept of hygge could change your life and help you win your independence, placing control in your hands and heart, ensuring each day is full of love... but what in the world is hygge? At its very essence, Hygge is the art appreciation—reveling in life’s little pleasures. Easier said than done, indeed, but absolutely transformative. Inside, you will discover: Benefits to the body, mind, and soul from following Hygge Links between hygge and happiness How to make your home more hygge How to duly declutter your space How to experience togetherness through hygge in entertaining How to implement Hygge at work Why warmth matters in homes Ways to hygge your look and style Applying hygge to your everyday diet Hygge activities, exercises, stories, and much, much more! Discover the world of hygge today!
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