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Hello there, my name is Marwa, Thank you for checking my book. This is book is written with a lot of love and passion. I am sharing with you powerful knowledge and practices that helped me overcome my depression. This book is EASY to read, simple, and wastes no time going straight to the point. You will feel an instant shift in your mindset and you will get actionable practices you can use RIGHT AWAY. THE POWER IS IN THE MINDSET A popular saying is “When life throws lemons at you, turn them into lemonade.” Turning lemons into lemonade is not a point to debate, but the question is “how?” How do you make lemonade out of lemons, the sour and sometimes bitter experiences life brings our ways from time to time. Written from a build-up of personal experiences, the book “How to Start Over” goes beyond the realm of principles and theories to bring to you personalized, customized, and practical steps that everyone, regardless of gender, nationality, and history can explore to become a better version of who they currently are. It is insightful, timeless, and fundamental. After this read, you will discover that regardless of what you have been through, you can command the best out of life.
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