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Ghoul: We Eat People by Daniel Norrish

"Not your usual zombie book." The world beyond the forest where Eddie’s family have been hunting and gathering is annihilated. The highways have been stripped of vehicles to allow the massive armies to move more freely and civilisation is a flood of gore. When Eddie fires a pistol into the face of his captor, the soldiers around him just laugh and stuff the pieces of brain back into the shattered skull of their leader. When Eddie attempts to comfort a cowering cellmate, she bites off his finger.  WHAT HELL HAS HAPPENED!? If Eddie does not show strength, he’ll be consumed by the army that has stolen him from his family. Luckily, his experience as a nomad has given him the skills to lead the army without a GPS or any other extinct technology, and he’ll lure their enemies into horrific, murderous traps. Now that he’s essential, Eddie is watched by a throng of guards. To escape, he’ll need all his cunning with the warrior skills of his new ally; a terrorist hunting killer with a box of grenades.
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