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Abel’s new magical alliance brings him ever closer to the heart of Castle House. Barely surviving he and the Taverners finally realise what true intent, honed and concentrated, can accomplish. Elsewhere, an enemy hides from Creepio and God's SAS, and the game character sorceress K'liss becomes a reality. Jenny sets off to contact new Tavern hopefuls in Canada, and finds a magical hornet's nest. American history, the magical part, is nothing like the history books! Closer to home, Abel finally arranges an important meeting of sorcerers and fears the worst about the date, Halloween. With a well thought out plan, the Taverneers are trapped by enemies old and new, and frightening amounts of magic pin Ferryl Shayde, helpless. Their fate depends on a puff wind playing toreador, sprouting seeds and a four-ton battering ram. As new, strange glyphs light up the night, tearing flesh and stone apart, Braeth Huntian joins a new Hunter on the Wind to create the Halloween they’ll never forget!
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