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Who is Damien Ruthven? In 1816, Lord Byron stayed at the castle of Dr. Johann Dippel, the inspiration for Mary Shelley's Baron von Frankenstein. Trapped there by a lightning storm, he was approached by the doctor and promised a cure for his epilepsy. The "cure" changed him forever. And is he "Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know?" In the 21st century, Brice Ashton wrote a book. Like all biographies of famous persons, her's on Lord Byron was sent to critics in advance. One Damien Ruthven responded. He contacted Brice from New York suggesting her work contained two errors—and that only he could give her the truth. His words held hints of long-lost knowledge; were fraught with danger, deception... and desire. And his eyes, those windows to the soul, showed the experience of centuries. Damien promised to share his secrets. But first, Brice knew, she would have to shar herself with him.
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