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IT’S PURE SUMMER IN A JAR! LET’S JAM! EASIER THAN OPENING UP THE CANNED STUFF. YOU MIGHT WANT TO MAKE A SECOND BATCH. _______________________________________________________________________________ Canning is one of the most popular food preservation methods when done properly. Unfortunately, very few people know how to prepare canned jams and jellies recipes, due to their delicate and perishable nature. I hope that this book will help inspire you to replicate or even alter the ingredients to come up with your own unique recipes. Discover “Canning and Preserving Food for Beginners: Sweet and Savory Jam and Jelly Small Batch Recipes Anyone Can Make at Home.” by Julia Korenivska is about to rock your world. Canning and Preserving Cookbook includes: ✓ easy to prepare mouth-watering jam and jellies recipes, beautifully laid out with gorgeous photography – making them a joy to create! ✓ easy to follow directions and easy to find ingredients ✓ ideal food for being healthy ✓ full color images, step by step guide and much more nutrition information ✓ baking tips ✓ next-level cooking, healthy upgrade ✓ no guilt after eating! Which flavor is your jam? Click “Buy Now” and start cooking today!
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